What is the average shelf life of stored diesel fuel?

We receive this question often at Algae-X International (AXI), and surprisingly, it has no solid answer. Here’s what the big oil companies say:

Chevron Stored Fuel AdviceBP Stored Fuel Shelf Life AdviceExxon Mobile long term stored fuel shelf life advice

Shell Oil Stored Diesel Fuel Advice

So how long can you store diesel fuel? Long term diesel fuel storage apparently depends on how much air is exposed, how much water is in the fuel storage tank, and how much algae will deteriorate the fuel. While there is no definite timeline you can stamp on the fuel like a “freshness date”, you can do the following to elongate the life-cycle of your stored diesel:

1)   Try and keep contaminates such as water and air out of your storage tanks

2)   Cycle your fuel often. Use a fuel polishing system to separate the water and filter out contaminates

Algae-X has developed several fuel systems to polish your fuel, safely transfer your fuel, and clean your fuel storage tanks to help you elongate the shelf life of your stored fuel. We even have automated fuel filtration and separation systems that will cycle the fuel periodically for you. For more information visit Algae-x.net today.

  1. Mike Deane
    11/24/2012 at 10:47 am

    I have had Diesel stored in a jerry can for about seven years,the only change iv`e seen is a slight difference in colour.Would this be ok to use in my vehicle along with a good amount of new Diesel both fuels came from a guarage.thanks

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